Web Design
Do you need a website for your personal blog or small business? Are you baffled by all of the techno-speak of companies trying to sell you things you don’t even need?

Well you’ve come to the right place. Dublin18 is a small software house that focuses on providing you with the most value for money. We hope you join our growing community of users, so give us a call on 0872238372 and we’ll be happy to discuss your project and give you a free quote.
The Process
Our process begins with a meeting where we develop an understanding of your business goals and needs. We can either create a new website for you from scratch or we can help you freshen up an existing site if you already have one.
  • The Design

    We get an opportunity to learn about your existing “brand” or we can help you define a new one – logos, colour schemes and corporate message. We’ll discuss your objectives, requirements and preferences, and then produce a set of summary objectives and proposal for your new site.

  • The Build

    With a clear strategy in place, we start turning your vision into a website! This is the part where we start putting the structure (skeleton) of your site together and incorporate all of the key features that are needed. We’ll also take all of your images and text and incorporate them into the design. You will be involved throughout this process to give you an opportunity to tweak things along the way.

  • The Launch

    Once the project is fully developed and meets all of the defined objectives, we will provide you with training on how to make the most of your site. If we manage the site for you, then the launch is even easier - you just need to sit back and enjoy it.

Key Functional Components
The following list of features and components are examples of things we can incorporate into your new website
  • Responsive Design

    Optimise the display of all text and graphical content for all devices, e.g. laptops, smartphones, etc.

  • Member Management

    Provide secure member management functionality for managing groups of members

  • Event Management

    Manage the scheduling of your events, including ticketing, sales and full reporting

  • Advanced Security

    Include additional security to block hacking attempts from individual users up to entire countries

  • E-Commerce Integration

    Integrate payment services into your site, whether that's a simple pay button or commercial integration

  • Blog Content

    Create your own blog, ranging from how to brew the perfect cup of tea to upcycling old furniture

  • Integrated Forum / Chat

    Create your own discussion forum where the public or private members can exchange ideas

  • SEO Optimisation

    Ensure that search engines get the most from your site to boost your ranking - and your business

  • Photo / Video Gallery

    Display your photo and video portfolios in a professional and engaging way using a variety of grids and layouts

  • Online Shop

    Create a complete online shop with product pricing, inventory management, sales and reports