Stable version now available

After both Garmin and Tanita have taken turns to update their respective websites, the dust now seems to have settled. The current stable releases of the apps are:

  • Health for Garmin : 6.1 (6.1.2)
  • Health Pro  : 5.2 (5.2.1)

These versions are both currently available on the AppStore.

Important note about BMI

These new app versions have introduces an optimisation change that may cause your BMI values to be displayed incorrectly. The reason for this is that the Garmin Profile information is now only read when your Garmin credentials (username and/or password) have changed. If the local data set on your device was empty when you installed the new version, then your profile is also probably empty, and this is what is causing your BMI to be incorrectly calculated. (The profile holds things like your height and age).

To correct this, you will simply need to force a reload of your profile. Go into settings, Edit your Garmin Profile and then just tap the “Save” button. You don’t need to change anything but just save it. This sets a flag saying that the profile needs to be reloaded which it will do when you go back to the main screen.