New Versions coming soon

The Health Pro version has been out for a week or so, but I’m still trying to get the Health for Garmin app to be approved by Apple. All apps have to comply with the new IPV6 networking standard and they reject any app that doesn’t comply – even if it does. There seems to be a lot of disagreement as to what constitutes a valid IPV6 test environment and a lot of app developers are having similar issues getting apps approved.

The following app versions are pending:

  • Health Pro – V5.4
    • minor changes to accommodate IPV6 requirements
    • fixed BMI calculation for statute metrics
  • Health for Garmin – V6.2
    • fixed UI to work correctly on larger screen sizes
    • added ‘Show Password’ button to temporarily display passwords
    • added ability to choose which dates to compare in Stats view
    • automatically reload profile if your age changes
    • fixed BMI calculation for statute metrics

I know some of you have mentioned problems with BMI values and the reason it affects some but not others is because Garmin has chosen to store and provide height values in metric even when your profile is set to statute. For example, you enter 5’6″ as your height but Garmin provides 167cm. Thanks to Aaron DiLapi for helping me sort this out.