Dublin18 provides Support Services to provide assistance to you when you need it most. We can not only help when things go wrong, we can assist you when you just want to make changes and get stuck along the way.
  • Helpdesk Support

    Helpdesk support is intended for anyone who requires occasional advanced technical expertise coupled with full help-desk services. Unlimited telephone assistance is covered in the contract cost.

  • Feature Support

    Feature Support is designed for providing you with help changing or updating an existing feature in your website. This could range from changing animation sequences to simply updating text and images. Feature support is fully covered in the standard support contract.


    Remote Access Support allows our support engineers to remotely access your website to perform fixes and resolve issues that you may be experiencing. Unlimited remote access during working hours is covered in the contract cost.


    Custom Festure Design is for cases where you want a new feature to be designed, built and added to your website. This could include adding functional blocks such as member areas, setting up a chat room, etc. Charges for new features are made on an hourly basis.