New Versions submitted for review

New versions for Garmin Health and Health Pro for Garmin have been submitted to Apple for review.

The new versions include the rework of upload functionality due to changes made by Garmin. Garmin have removed support for uploading FIT files from all interfaces apart from their own Garmin Connect upload page. This is very unfortunate. Garmin appear to be distancing themselves from providing open access to services by forcing use of either their own webpage – or the use of their Garmin fitness devices (watches, etc.) as a means to upload Tanita data. I’ll let you decide whether this customer friendly approach is a positive step for consumers..

The net affect of their change means that both the manual upload of FIT files as well as synchronization processes will now require you to perform some additional steps.

Since the only mechanism they now support is via the upload page on the Garmin Connect website, any FIT files that would have previously been automatically uploaded by the app will now be sent to you as an email attachment. You can simply drag these FIT files on the Garmin Upload page.