Auto-sync to Garmin no longer supported

I’m afraid my app no longer has the ability to upload directly to Garmin as it used to. The reason for this is because Garmin shut down the API that I used and closed down all mechanisms for uploading programatically.

The only way that Garmin currently allows .FIT files to be uploaded is through their own website. So, in order to allow people to still do this, I now send them the .FIT files in an email, and then you will need to manually upload those files using the link in the email to Garmin’s upload page.

In the emails that you receive, you will see the following:

Import the attached FIT files in Garmin using their upload page at:

That link will take you to Garmin’s upload page as shown below.

Simply drag your .FIT files to the box and click ‘Import Data’.

I know this is very user-unfriendly and I hate only being able to offer this, but, again, Garmin made this change – not me.

Apologies for the inconvenience.