Apps no longer supported

It is with much regret that I have to say that support for Health for Garmin and Health Pro is no longer possible.

If you followed my last post you will see that I applied for a Developer License from Garmin. This was actually granted (thank you Garmin), but there were a number of issues that made the use of their API untenable. For a start, the API is only available in java – so great for Android developers but useless for Apple developers.

Despite that, I would have considered creating a Swift version of their API if, in fact, it had all of the functionality I needed. It does allow a subset of health metrics to be downloaded, but not all of the ones that Garmin actually stores. They specifically said they still support integration with Tanita, but don’t fully expose the metrics that they provide. I can only speculate as to why this is the case.

Here’s what they said about their API:

As our API is a server-to-server connection, we do not provide a swift or Objective-C-Code.

We don’t have any suitable uploading functionality via our API for scales (we will also not implement any in the near future).”  i.A. Benedikt Kurz, Sales Manager – Garmin Health

Ok, so a developer API – but not for mobile app developers. Great.

I have the distinct impression that Garmin just aren’t embracing the open platform mentality that have made companies like Strava, Twitter, Facebook, and dozens of others leaders in their domains. They see the benefits of opening their services up to developers. Garmin clearly don’t.

So the current plan is to rewrite the existing Health apps and make them Tanita only applications. I no longer want to devote any more time to Garmin.

Apologies to everyone who will be disappointed by this, but I did everything I could to keep the apps alive. Unfortunately Garmin have their ideas.