Easy Timer

Are you looking for something to help you time your interval exercises that is simple and intuitive to use?

Are you tired of all of those apps that claim to be free but severely limit the free version (crippleware) in order to get you to upgrade to the Pro version to get the functionality you want?

Are you tired of the constant distraction of advertisements scattered around your free app, positioned to give maximum annoyance?

Well then Easy Timer is for you. It might not have all of the bells and whistles (maybe a bell..) of some other apps, but it does interval timing well without all of things that annoy you. It’s totally free – no ads.

Why free? I needed (and still do) a timer to help me do my own physiotherapy exercises after a severe motorcycle accident. It’s already been months and I still have months to go. I looked around at other interval apps out there and couldn’t find one that both worked well and wasn’t annoying to use. So I just decided to write my own for my own personal use. I enjoy using it and thought maybe someone else would like it as well. That’s it.