Apps no longer supported

It is with much regret that I have to say that support for Health for Garmin and Health Pro is no longer possible. If you followed my last post you will see that I applied for a Developer License from Garmin. This was actually granted (thank you Garmin), but there were a number of issues that made the use of … Read More

Data Services No Longer Working

Hi all, I just want to let you know that data services with Garmin are no longer working. The Garmin API I was using doesn’t seem to be working anymore, and there doesn’t seem to be any open access to health data at all as far as I can tell. I have applied for formal access to their developers API, … Read More

New Releases

New versions of Health Pro and Garmin Health have just been released on the App Store. The main feature added is the ability to upload .FIT files to iCloud. Prior to this, .FIT files being synced were sent as email attachments, and then they could be uploaded to Garmin Connect. Now users have the option of storing their .FIT files … Read More

Auto-sync to Garmin no longer supported

I’m afraid my app no longer has the ability to upload directly to Garmin as it used to. The reason for this is because Garmin shut down the API that I used and closed down all mechanisms for uploading programatically. The only way that Garmin currently allows .FIT files to be uploaded is through their own website. So, in order … Read More

New Versions submitted for review

New versions for Garmin Health and Health Pro for Garmin have been submitted to Apple for review. The new versions include the rework of upload functionality due to changes made by Garmin. Garmin have removed support for uploading FIT files from all interfaces apart from their own Garmin Connect upload page. This is very unfortunate. Garmin appear to be distancing … Read More

Manual Upload Broken

As of 17th of Feb, I have found that the manual uploading of .FIT files to Garmin no longer works. This is due to some changes by Garmin to their website. I am currently working on resolving this issue and, if a solution can be found, I will provide an updated release as soon as possible.